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Craigslist Job Posting

Posting job ads to Craigslist can be tough

It can be hard to get noticed by the right job seeker, even while you get a flood of the wrong ones. But it can't be ignored. Craigslist is one of the most popular job boards in the world - for many positions it's the go-to job site to get your role in front of applicants, and it's inexpensive in most markets. 


To help you take advantage of this powerful channel for broadcasting your job openings, I'll show you how to post a job on Craigslist that gets people's attention, with step-by-step job listing instructions, and a quick tip for cutting through a flood of applications


For most job boards, having a paid job ad means your you'll get more exposure, with your listing appearing above free ads. 


Craigslist used to be a free job board in many locations, mostly smaller towns and sparsely populated regions. The last time we checked though, you'll nee to pay for a listing just about anywhere you post a job in the United States these days. 


The nice advantage of paying is that it allows you to post job openings using HTML, which gives you some nice formatting options. Free ads didn't allow this. We'll go into using HTML in-depth below. 


Craigslist unfortunately seems to be in a never ending war with spammers and people trying to promote job scams. Because of this they have fairly strict limits on how often you can post.


If you research their posting limits on Google, you'll find lots of people in forums trying to figure out why they've crossed the posting limit for their account. 


Craigslist may have some special rules that apply if they suspect you of being a spammer, but the general rule, according to Craigslist itself, is that you can post to one category and in one city once every 48 hours.


They also note that, if you're trying to post something similar to an active post, you may get a blocked message. Craigslist says removing the similar active post should help, unless it is less than 48 hours old.


Generally, if you want to avoid being labeled as job spam, employers should include as much detail as possible about the position. If it's an online job this is especially important. Being specific about compensation is also helpful.

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