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How To Post A Job On Craigslist (Step-By-Step)

Getting ready to post a job to Craigslist for the first time? 

We've got easy, step-by-step instructions for you to make this as easy as possible. 

1. Go to Craigslist.org, find the city you want to post in and click on it.

Craigslist home page.

2. Click “post to classifieds.”

Post to Craigslist classifieds.

3. Click “job offered,” then "continue."

Craiglist jog posting - select job offered. 

4. Select the type of job you’re offering. 

Craigslist select job category.

5. Fill in all the necessary fields, including email address (keep the Craigslist relay setting on to avoid spam), title, post body, compensation and employment type. Use the CL mail relay to avoid spam to your email address. Then click continue.

Craigslist job post step 5.

6. Locate your business on the map.

Locate your business on Craigslist. 

7. Craigslist will now prompt you to add more images. If you didn't already add them via HTML, you really should add some now - it helps greatly in getting your post noticed. Click "Done with Images" when you’re ready to move on. Also, if you have both a map and an image, it helps your ad stand out a little more, as you'll see below.

Craigslist add images.

8. Review your job posting, then click publish. You’ll see the total price here too.

Craigslist review price.

9. Check your email and confirm your address. It will tell you that further action is required after you hit publish.

10. Accept terms of use.

Craigslist accept terms. 

11. To pay, you can login to an existing account, or select “Pay Now.” Once you've paid, that's it! 

Now that you know how to post, continue reading to learn how to post well. 

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